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It's about You

It's all about our clients here at Reset You.  We want to start changing the way people feel about themselves. We want people to start wanting to feel confident, healthy and live their lives.

Your plan is tailor made for you, it may mean having to go back to basics, looking at muscle function or carving out a more sustainable diet. Our plans are designed to help our clients move, function and feel better about themselves

Everyone is different, everyone is individual and our programmes are no different.  Our training is there to fit around our clients, not the other way round.


What's going on?

Classes running in Woodstock, Oxfordshire


19:30 Bootcamp (Woodstock)


19:00 Boxfit (Woodstock)

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Monday - Treatments 

10am - 1pm

2pm - 5pm

Tuesdays - Personal Training

6am - 2pm

Thursdays - Personal Training 

6am - 2pm

Friday - Treatments

10am - 1pm


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What Do We Offer

Personal Training


 Personal Training is about physical and mental fitness, this comes in many forms, shapes and sizes to allow your body to perform at a high standard, giving you the independence to achieve anything you want.

No journey is too small or too big, you have to have the mindset and willingness to want to achieve it - as I'm sure you know, it isn't always easy.

Our programmes are designed with functional fitness in mind and allowing the client to perform within the best capacity.

Everyone has different goals for undertaking personal fitness, but one thing everyone has in common is being the best version of themselves.

There are different packages for individuals looking to invest in themselves 

These sessions can also be coupled with other services that are provided to give you the optimal chance of achieving your goals.

please contact us to find out how best we can help.

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The aim of our nutrition plans is to help you find a way of creating better habits without forfeiting your life in return and creating a diet that you can control over your lifetime.  

With a style of dieting that suits you.

Nutrition has an important role within our health and wellbeing.

It can effect many aspects within our life, from losing/gaining weight, increased/decreased energy  levels, quality of health to generally feeling better and being able to move with ease, not to mention the added bonus of feeling confident and generally feeling good about ourselves.

Our nutrition service is set up to give you the best possible information and tools to help you make your own choices or having additional support to meet your goals.

A pre-consultation form will be sent out prior to appointments

From there, if you wish to move forwards a convenient time will be arranged for your consultation.

Consultations last approximately 90 minutes, however, this can be longer, please bear this in mind when booking your appointment.

All payments to be made in advance of consultations and follow on appointments

Package deals also offered to reduce costs

Biomechanics - Movement Therapy & Massage


Moving throughout our lives is a must.  Being able to move without discomfort or being able to move with better function shouldn't be seen as a luxury. The body is a highly sophisticated system and for it to perform at its best we have to look after the body as a whole.  From fitness to nutrition to movement.

Here at Reset You we use Biomechanic assessments to show our clients where their bodies might be holding them back.  

We then look at building a personalised programme for our clients to help address any issues that have arisen.

Being able to assess clients and apply an array of different techniques

to help improve their functionality will not only allow them to move more freely, this may also help to reduce injuries, increase sporting performance and help to achieve better mobility during day to day life.

Strength and conditioning programmes can also be put together to achieve the clients optimal health and wellbeing within their chosen direction.